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Blending authenticity with the finest quality, we are a traditional spice manufacturer.

Our spices are unique in its richness that will add an extra dash of flavors to your every meal.

Our Story

India has always known as the land of spices. Given its culinary history and diversity, spices and herbs are an integral part of our culture, tradition, and health practices. To continue this legacy of spices, IWP spices came into existence intending to provide the pure, and authentic, and yet affordable spices in India.

Inaugurating its full-fledged spice factory in Delhi, in 2018, IWP spices today is among leading spice manufacturer in North India.

The IWP Story
The IWP Story

Initially, we began to manufacture Haldi, Dhaniya, and Mirchi powder. But, looking at the popularity and patronization of our products, we also introduced an array of blended spices too.

Today we have over 29 variants of spices and blends, packaged in over 90 packaging options, to suit the requirements of every customer. Complying to the highest hygiene and safety standards, the manufacturing facilities of IWP Spices are accredited with the coveted ISO 22000:2005 certification and are also HACCP and FSSAI certified.

Our Manufacturing Process

We take special care by selecting the choicest raw material and maintaining high processing standards, and durable packaging techniques to retain aroma /flavour.

Procure choicest Raw Material- Special Quality Check (Purity, Quality, and rich taste) - Grinding under high standards- Durable packaging - Pure and authentic spices/blends are ready! Every box is packed with pure, fresh, and authentic spice with no artificial colours or fillers.

IWP Spices Mission


To provide the most Affordable and Acceptable quality of Spices and Allied products to the rural and semi-urban segment of “BHARAT”.

IWP Spices Vision


To be amongst the top 5 companies in North India in Spices and Allied segment within 2024: and achieve a turnover of a minimum of 300 crores.

IWP Spices Values


Inclusive growth for all the stakeholders across the categories as we move on to conquer VISION 2024. We value Trust, Loyalty, and a direct Heart-to-Heart Relationship.

IWP Katha Group

The Indian Wood Products Co. Ltd. (www.iwpkatha.com) established in 1919 is a Pioneer manufacturer of Katha (Catechu) and Cutch. We are mainly into the business of production, processing, and marketing of high-quality Katha (Catechu) and Cutch.

We have attained over 90 years of experience in this business and are proceeding further towards realizing our objective of achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.

Achieving ultimate customer satisfaction is the prime outlook of IWP. To materialize this, the organization has adopted stringent quality control tests from intermediate stages of input of raw materials until the output of finished products. To achieve this, we have a qualified team of 20 engineers & chemists who monitor the operation and quality. We are well equipped with laboratory facilities and modern equipment such as HPTLC, GLC, Polarimeters, TLC, Spectrophotometer, Moisture meter, Hygroscopes besides Kjeldahl extractor, etc.

The Company also owns a research lab having plant & equipment for Pilot Plant scale research for improving quality & research.

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Pt Thea Universal was set up as PMA in Indonesia promoted by Agro & Spices Pte Ltd Singapore; a Joint Venture Company of IWP and a Singapore based group.

After having a vast study of the country’s rich and pure natural resources and its climatic conditions which help in potentially growing any commodity in the world, we started venturing into different commodities in all parts of Indonesia from Cassia of Sumatra, Turmeric, cubebs, long pepper and Cloves of Java to Mace, cloves and Nut Meg of Sulawesi. Currently we are having our operations in Surabaya, Padang and Medan.

We believe in maintaining consistency in our quality, Pricing and packaging and our most important commitment is customer satisfaction.

Our focus will always remain at giving the best value to our customer and preserving relationship in the long run with all our clients and even developing strong relationship with the local Indonesian People and learning their culture and habitat for a stronger bonding with them.

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